TFT Reckoning introduces a new shop feature called the Armory

The mechanic will give players more items and more power.

Image via Riot Games

As Teamfight Tactics’ newest set Reckoning continues to be unveiled to the public, keen tacticians are already eyeing some of the more gameplay-related changes that will impact the state of its competitive stability.

One such change comes in the form of an interesting system being introduced to the TFT shop. The Armory is a pop-up shop where you choose from a selection of item components, similar to how you buy champions.

Image via Riot Games

Occasionally throughout the game, the shop will offer the player a choice between a Shadow Item or a regular component item. The Armory will appear once in each stage of a game and does not cost anything from the player in return.

But if the player chooses to gamble on the higher power ceiling of the Shadow Item, it could turn out to bite them since items corrupted by the Black Mist can hinder the player as much as they may empower them.

The Armory gives players an even greater number of build avenues for their champions, seeing as though it offers more item components than players have ever had before.

It also creates a more complex depth for the game’s higher-skilled players, who will now have even more crucial decisions to make as their unique playstyles emerge. The Armory is all about weighing the pros and cons of playing daringly or cautiously.

Set Five Reckoning will hit the live servers on April 28 and the PBE is set to release on April 13, according to Riot. All pre-release information is subject to change prior to the official launch.