TFT 11.4 Patch Rundown reveals Lucky Lantern changes

Loaded Dice are getting nerfed in Patch 11.4.

Teamfight Tactics Nidalee
Image via Riot Games

Riot Statikk and lead Teamfight Tactics game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer unveiled changes coming to Lucky Lanterns with today’s Patch Rundown. 

Patch 11.3’s meta favored three-starring one-cost champions, taking advantage of Loaded Dice dropped by Lucky Lanterns during earlier stages. Stage three and four drops were too detrimental, according to Mortdog, resulting in several changes that should remove the “unfun” aspect attached to Lucky Lanterns.

  • Stage three Lucky Lantern: Chances of two Loaded Dice and two Target Dummies removed.
  • Stage four Lucky Lantern: Chances of two Loaded Dice and two Target Dummies removed.
  • Stage four Lucky Lantern: Chances of getting a total of three item components removed. 

“These kinds of drop systems are complicated in general,” Riot Statikk said. “We tried to hit the obvious outliers that were not creating good and fun game states.”

Mortdog and Statikk acknowledged that the team was aware that Loaded Dice pumped up one-cost units before the Lucky Lantern and Loaded Dice shipped.

In a meta where one-cost units weren’t dominant, the Lucky Lantern drops of Loaded Dice at stages three and four would have been less detrimental. In addition to other changes revealed with the 11.4 Patch Rundown today, Mortdog hopes that Loaded Dice won’t “swing” the meta as they did in Patch 11.3.

Other changes taking place within the TFT 11.4 patch include system changes to the Chosen mechanic and a number of nerfs applied to dominant traits. Patch 11.4 will launch on Feb. 18. Players can test out all the new changes taking place on the PBE server prior to the update hitting live servers next week. 

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