Major TFT Chosen changes expected to shake up 11.4 meta

Chosen champions remain powerful despite being toned down.

Teamfight Tactics Shyvana
Image via Riot Games

Principal Teamfight Tactics game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Riot Statikk revealed several major system changes to the Chosen mechanic during today’s 11.4 Patch Rundown. 

The power of Chosen champions will be reduced in exchange for an increase in the probability of Chosens showing up in the shop. The increased rate at which a Chosen shows up in the shop allows players to swap them out without feeling punished for doing so.

A number of adjustments to the TFT Chosen system were tested on the PBE, resulting in a change that should result in a healthier meta by providing more choices, according to Riot Statikk. The balance team even tried making Chosen champions one-star as opposed to two-star, which resulted in players skipping Chosen units.

Reductions in power were applied to all Chosen champions, lowering bonus spell power, bonus attack damage, bonus health, and bonus mana reduction. 

  • Chosen bonus spell power: 30 reduced to 15
  • Chosen bonus attack damage: 20 reduced to 10
  • Chosen bonus mana reduction: 25 percent reduced to 15 percent
  • Chosen bonus health: 400 HP reduced to 300 HP. 

All Chosen champions, including those who have bonus health stats, will still receive a 200 health baseline. In exchange for lower bonus stats, players will more opportunities to purchase a Chosen champion from the shop. 

  • Chosen Base Odds: 33 percent increased to 50 percent
  • Rolling odds at level four: 60/40/0/0/0 percent increased to 80/20/0/0/0 percent

Patch 11.4 is scheduled to go live on Feb. 18. Players can test out the new TFT system changes to Chosen on the PBE servers leading up to the patch’s release.