How to play Zeri in TFT 6.5 Neon Nights

Zeri likes to go pew pew pew.

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Hailed as the Spark of Zaun, Zeri is a five-cost Teamfight Tactics champion within Set 6.5 Neon Nights, charging up her Lightning Crash spell to swarm enemy boards with bullet fire. 

Joining Silco and Renata as new champions within TFT Set 6.5, Zeri has yet to find a top-tier comp that she fits into. But that doesn’t mean the Spark of Zaun isn’t worth playing during the late game. Zeri is a five-cost legendary Neon Nights champion with the traits Debonair and Sniper. And her spell, Lightning Crash, tears through enemy boards via a horde of bullets while she dashes to avoid taking damage. 

Lightning Crash takes six seconds to charge up, piercing the farthest enemy while she dashes after each shot. Zeri also has a passive ability that fires 5/5/30 bullets dealing 18 percent of her attack damage as physical and magic damage. As a TFT Set 6.5 Debonair champion, she even has a VIP bonus that enables her spell to last until the end of combat. 

Unlike Kai’Sa from Gizmos and Gadgets, Zeri isn’t an auto-include Set 6.5 champion that can wipe out an enemy board at one star with an item or two equipped to her. The new TFT champion from Zaun is more of a legendary support unit within Neon Nights, for now, often paired with Jhin as a second Sniper.

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Zeri’s best TFT Set 6.5 items are Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer, and Hand of Justice. Morellonomicon is also a viable option, along with Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Statikk Shiv, and Quicksilver. Similar to Jhin, Zeri needs a strong frontline to allow time for Lightning Crash to charge up. Braum already slots into a Sniper Jhin build, allowing for Debonair and Bodyguard synergy via Leona, along with Morgana to help strengthen the frontline while providing Syndicate synergy.

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Ashe can hold items for Zeri. And upon hitting level eight, Syndra can enable the Debonair synergy with Zeri as the VIP. Zeke’s Herald can speed up the Sniper attacks from Jhin and Zeri while also synergizing with the TFT Set 6.5 Hextech Augment Woodland Trinket. 

Players can also take advantage of four Sniper via Syndicate Spatulas and emblems should the opportunity arise. Seven Syndicate cloaks your entire team, granting them armor, magic resistance, and omnivamp. And each of the three effects is increased by 60 percent at seven Syndicate within TFT Set 6.5.