How TFT Set 7 Treasure Dragon works in the Dragonlands set

Choose wisely.

Image via Riot Games

The Armory mechanic is returning to Teamfight Tactics in Set Seven via the Treasure Dragon, providing a variety of resources for players to complete their best Dragonlands comp.

Each TFT set has a unique mechanic or number of mechanics that make it different. Set Seven contains a total of three mechanics: Dragon trait, Draconic Augments, and the Treasure Dragon. The Dragon trait is the face mechanic of Set Seven while Draconic Augments are an evolved version of Hextech Augments that were first offered in Set Six. And the Treasure Dragon is a unique spin on a mashup between an Armory and the previous Raptors PvE round.

Players will encounter the Set Seven Treasure Dragon at Stage 4-7 in every TFT game, replacing Raptors. The Treasure Dragon offers players an Armory that contains a variety of consumables, from components and magnetic removers to completed items and gold. 

Image via Riot Games

Here is a table of possibilities contained within the Treasure Dragon and the percentage at which these selections will appear, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.

Image via Mortdog

Unlike previous Armories in TFT or PvE rounds, players have the option to reroll what is offered to them as many times as they want at the cost of one gold per reroll. Players can’t pick and choose selections and must either choose all or reroll for different options.

The purpose of the Treasure Dragon Armory is to provide players with a variety of options that can either help them complete their comp or transition into a new late-game build. Players must decide whether the perfect components and items are worth rolling gold for or if that gold should be used to push for level nine or roll down for stabilization at level eight.

Patch 12.12 TFT Treasure Dragon update 

An update to the Treasure Dragon in Patch 12.12 sped up Stage 4-7 while also removing the automatic shop refresh and round gold applied.

  • Following the Treasure Dragon, round gold and an automatic shop refresh will no longer trigger at the start of Stage 5-1.
  • A three-second transition phase between Stage 4-7 and Stage 5-1 has been removed.
  • Players will no longer have Treasure Dragon content automatically selected two seconds before the 60-seconds runs out on Stage 4-7. 

The adjustments to the Treasure Dragon are mostly minor ones, with the removal of the gold and shop refresh being the one exception. Players will have to budget their time appropriately to ensure they are ready for Stage 5-1.

Update June 22 at 7:20pm CT: System changes to the TFT Set Seven Treasure Dragon implemented in Patch 12.12 were applied.