Here’s every TFT Set 6 item change you need to know about

Important item changes will help shape the Set 6 meta.

TFT Set 6 Zilean
Image via Riot Games

A total of 13 Teamfight Tactics items have undergone balance changes leading up to the release of Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets

Due to over 140 possible Hextech Augment effects within TFT Set Six, a number of items were adjusted prior to its official launch on Nov. 3. The changes applied to items within Gizmos and Gadgets hit the flavor of the set while preventing any one item from dominating over the others.

From a rework to Archangel’s Staff and Banshee’s Claw to a Jeweled Gauntlet nerf, here’s every Set Six item change. 

Reworked Set Six items

Archangel’s Staff, Banshee’s Claw, and Deathblade were given a rework for TFT Set Six. 

  • Archangel’s Staff: The unit with Archangel’s Staff gains 25 ability power every four seconds
  • Banshee’s Claw: At the start of combat, the unit with Banshee’s Claw and all allies within one Hex on the same row gains a shield that blocks the damage and effects of the first enemy abiltiy—up to 600 damage
  • Banshee’s Claw: The item will stack based on the damage it blocks but will not increase the number of shields
  • Deathblade: Deathblade grants 50/75/100 bonus attack damage which includes components

New item abilities and bonuses

A total of six items within Gizmos and Gadgets have a new ability or bonus attached to them. 

  • Bramble Vest: Bramble Vest grants its holder 80 armor, including components
  • Hextech Gunblade: Hextech Gunblade will additionally heal the lowest health ally but no longer grants a shield for overhealing
  • Jeweled Gauntlet: Jeweled Gauntlet grants an additional 10 ability power
  • Quicksilver: Units with Quicksilver will have an additional 20 percent attack speed
  • Runaan’s Hurricane: Units with Runaan’s Hurricane have an additional 10 attack damage. The item will no longer trigger on-hit triggers
  • Statikk Shiv: A unit with Statikk Shiv gains an additional 15 percent attack speed

Set Six item buffs and nerfs

Based on PBE testing prior to launch and in conjunction with Hextech Augments, a total of six items have received balance changes. 

  • Bramble Vest: AOE damage from Bramble Vest was reduced from 80/100/150 to 60/80/120
  • Dragon’s Claw: The fireball cooldown for Dragon’s Claw was reduced to 0.5 seconds and the maximum health percentage damage was reduced from 30 to 18 percent 
  • Giant Slayer: The bonus damage health threshold for Giant Slayer was increased from 1,600 to 1,800
  • Hand of Justice: Bonus attack damage/ability power, or omnivamp, was reduced from 35 to 30
  • Jeweled Gauntlet: Bonus critical strike damage from Jeweled Gauntlet was reduced from 40 to 30 percent
  • Rapid Firecannon: Total attack speed provided by Rapid Firecannon was buffed from 40 to 50 percent