Here are the best TFT comps in the Patch 11.3 meta

Re-roll for a top-four.

Teamfight Tactics Shyvana
Image via Riot Games

Patch 11.3 has strengthened re-roll comps in Teamfight Tactics, leading to an influx of three-star champions claiming top-four spots in ranked lobbies. 

Re-roll builds in TFT focus on three-starring primary and secondary carries. Set Four has seen a significant number of re-rolls prior to Fates: Festival of Beasts via Duelist Yasuo, Moonlight Diana, and Warlords. Patch 11.3 in Set 4.5 has revived several previously popular re-roll builds like Warlords and Duelists, while introducing new ones like Nasus. 

Spirit Zed and Ninja Akali are still strong comps that can earn a player a top-four finish. It’s just harder to take first in a lobby with Zed or Akali against other re-roll builds like Nidalee, Nausus, and Yasuo/Fiora. 

Despite the popularity of TFT re-roll comps in Patch 11.3, there are other builds that can place top four with a little sweat. Slayers is still a viable comp, along with Enlightened Talon. These comps can win lobbies but need BIS (best in slot) items, along with rigorous scouting to out-position lazy three-star re-roll players. Legendary (fast nine) builds are still around too, ranking as the No. 1 TFT comp according to Wrainbash.

From a warrior with a spear to tanky frontline units, here are the best TFT 11.3 meta comps. 


Image via Robinsongz

Three-star Nidalee has taken over the 11.3 meta. Ranked as the best TFT comp to play according to GrandVice8, Nidalee only needs a Spear of Shojin to truly pop off. Guardian Angel and Jeweled Gauntlet are other solid item options, but any type of damage item will work fine. Sharpshooter Nidalee can place top four, but a Warlord three-star Nidalee will win lobbies. 

Sharpshooter Nidalee works best with Teemo and Sivir, using Zeke’s Herald for speed and Chalice of Power. Running six Sharps is preferred, but four can work with a strong frontline like Warlord or Brawler. Warlord Nidalee can truly pop off with a three-star Vi or Jarven, in addition to the three-star Nidalee. Nine Warlord is still the strongest build, but players can get by with six, running Tryndamere, Samira, and Pyke for the Slayer trait. Toss in a Lee Sin and it’s an easy top-four finish. 

Kayle Divine

Image via GrandVice8

The Divine trait was given a slight buff in Patch 11.3, helping Kayle take down three-star re-roll comps. Kayle builds haven’t changed much since the release of Set 4.5, with the exception that hitting four Executioners isn’t a necessity anymore. For Kayle builds to succeed, though, the Executioner does require BIS items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, and Quicksilver Slash so she doesn’t get one-shotted at the start of a match. 

Kindred is a viable secondary carry, along with Azir and Xayah. Utility items like Chalice of Power and Zeke’s Herald will win mid-game stages and carry over well into the late game. Kindred is a solid buy during the early and mid-game stages. Her BIS item is Blue Buff, which can get placed on Yone during the late game. 


Image via Saintvicious

Brawlers have finally earned a top spot in the TFT meta thanks to Shyvana. A three-star Shyvana will win lobbies, but she’s too contested at the moment for that to happen often. Players should grab a Brawler Chosen in the early game and lock in four as soon as possible. Elderwood is a must in the build, using Maokai, Nunu, and either Rakan, Xayah, or Veigar in the third slot.

Sett is the final Brawler to acquire prior to going for eight, dumping the Dragonsoul trait units but keeping Shyvana. Six Brawler is a solid build to run as well, typically getting players to a top-four spot in lobbies. Dragonsoul units like Swain and Tristana will carry the build with Shyvana placed in the center of the frontline. Shyvana is the primary carry, needing a Runaan’s Hurricane to fully pop off. Other items that work well with her include Giant Slayer, Quicksilver, and Hand of Justice. 

Brawlers thrive with defensive items. Tahm Kench holds Sunfire Cape exceptionally well during the early game. Nunu is the best secondary carry, using items like Gunblade, Dragon’s Claw, and Bramble Vest. Itemizing Sett will help win lobbies, using TFT items like Jeweled Gauntlet, Infinity Edge, and Rabadon’s Deathcap.