Best TFT 12.14 B-patch Set 7 meta comps

Flexibility returns to the meta.

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Significant balance changes made during Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.14 have improved ability power items and champions, along with dragons. 

Patch 12.14 contained several important balance changes that have had an impact on the TFT Set Seven meta. Attack damage (AD) scaling per star level from auto attacks was reworked, reducing it from 80 to 50. The change itself hasn’t affected a majority of the Set Seven champions, but additional nerfs to Olaf, Xayah, and Varus did. In conjunction with the scaling per star level rework, attack damage items like Deathblade were also nerfed. 

The TFT team also dropped significant ability power (AP) buffs to Morellonomicon and Mirage sub-traits, along with buffs to legendary dragons like Aurelion Sol and Shyvana. Each of these balance and system changes has improved the playability of AP comps and dragons. The adjustments have also elevated comps like Scalescorn while AD builds like Corki, Varus, and Xayah have managed to remain playable.

Best TFT 12.14 B-patch comps

A TFT 12.14 B-patch was shipped prior to the second half of the Jade Cup and the open qualifiers for the EMEA second Golden Spatula Cup. Multiple nerfs were shipped in the B-patch that hit champions like Aurelion Sol and Shyvana, along with Nomsy and Morellonomicon.

Two TFT Set Seven former reroll comps emerged as solid builds following the 12.14 B-patch nerfs: Swain and Sett. Astral remained a viable build with Aurelion Sol as the primary carrier while Varus reroll has struggled. And Sy’fen has struggled as well, specifically the Bruiser comp version.

Swain carry

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Returning from the void of unplayable TFT carriers is Swain during the 12.14 B-patch. Similar to early versions of the Swain carry comp, Dragonmancer is the main trait—along with three Ragewing and three Jade. Guinsoo’s Rageblade is still the best Set Seven item on Swain. And players will want to invest in a Quicksilver for the late game, leaving one spot open for items like Statikk Shiv, Giant Slayer, or Archangel’s Staff.

Sett carry

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Unlike the Swain reroll build, Sett reroll is still a hit-or-miss comp. Players need to hit a Sett three-star early in the game and then go for either six or nine Ragewing. Draconic Augments like Scorch that support the Ragewing trait are necessary as well, and players should even consider transitioning out of a Sett carry if they aren’t available options during the first two Armories.

The good news about Sett carry is that transitioning into either a Swain reroll or Xayah/Shyvana Ragewing build isn’t hard.

Best TFT 12.14 Set Seven comps

All of the 12.14 best comps are still viable, although Shyvana and Aurelion Sol were toned down after the nerfs. And the Scalescorn build also dropped slightly since lobbies aren’t flooded with eight and 10-cost dragons as much.


Set Seven is living up to its name after several buffs within Patch 12.14 improved Aurelion Sol and Shyvana as carriers. Ao Shin is still a solid late-game dragon despite getting slightly nerfed, although some players have chosen to run Aurelion Sol over the Tempest king instead. Getting a dragon-trait-specific Draconic Augment feels good in TFT Patch 12.4, especially after the rework to Shyvana’s damage. 

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Shyvana, Shi Oh Yu, and Syfen are all solid carriers in a Dragon comp. And Aurelion Sol or Ao Shin perform well as secondary carriers. Shyvana wants AP items or the classic combo of Infinity Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet, and a third item like Hand of Justice. 

Hextech Gunblade is great for healing and Morellonomicon helps pump out extra damage while preventing an opponent’s team from healing. Items for Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen are still the same, prioritizing Bloodthirster and Titan’s Resolve. And AP items can go on either Aurelion Sol or Ao Shin. 


Providing counterplay to Dragon comps like Jade and Whisper and dragons as primary carriers, Scalescorn comps have risen to top-tier status. The build has always lacked a strong primary carrier since Diana was nerfed and still does to some degree. Reroll comps have dropped in priority during Patch 12.14, following the AD scaling per star level changes. But reroll is a good option when playing Scalescorn. 

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The champions to focus on are Diana, Olaf, and even Shen. Heading into the late-game stages, players will want four Bruisers to support Olaf and at least one other assassin to support Diana. Sylas and Pyke are great for both, also providing magic resistance and armor shred. 

The two primary items for Olaf are Runnan’s Hurricane and Quicksilver. Bloodthirster is a solid item as well, along with Guinsoo’s Rageblade or Statikk Shiv. And Diana still wants items like Frozen Heart and Ionic Spark. She can also use Morellonomicon. 


Patch 12.14 greatly improved AP carriers during the early and mid-game stages. Within the Jade comp, both Anivia and Karma are solid item holders. And Anivia can even work as a three-star carry should she keep showing up in the shop. Six Jade has been a strong TFT Set Seven comp since the release of Dragonlands. It dropped slightly in value during Patch 12.13 but returns strong in Patch 12.14 thanks to the AP buffs and another 10 percent attack speed at six Jade.  

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Players attempting to reroll Anivia will want Morellonomicon and Archangel’s Staff. The third item can be either Spear of Shojin, Hextech Gunblade, or Deathcap. And Shi Oh Yu still wants Bloodthirster and Edge of Night, with the third item being either another damage item or Quicksilver depending on the lobby meta. 

Late-game champions to add into the TFT Set Seven Jade comp are Bard for Mystic, in conjunction with Lulu, and Yasuo with a possible Blue Buff equipped to him. 


Mirage comps have been a go-to build while never breaking out into top-tier status. Patch 12.14 has ended the sleeper streak of Mirage, pumping it up to A-tier. Morellonomicon is strong on Daeja, providing much-needed ability power in conjunction with the reduction of healing on the enemy team. 

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The sub-traits Executioner and Spellsword were both buffed in Patch 12.14. Spellsword was already a solid Daeja primary carry sub-trait and is now even better. And Yone three-star can pull his weight with the Executioner sub-trait, or in Duelist’s Dexterity. 

Six Mirage is the standard. And players can choose to run either Cavalier or Guardian as generic vertical frontlines. The items for the standard Mirage comp are basic, with defense items going on Nunu and AP items on Daeja. A three-star Yone will typically want a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Quicksilver, with the third item being either Hand of Justice or Bloodthirster. 

Corki Cannoneer

Of all the top comps that have reigned since the release of TFT Set Seven, Corki Cannoneer remains the most stable. Players still want to activate Trainer as early as possible while running at least two Cannoneer, two Evoker, and two Revel. Idas was buffed at two-star in Patch 12.14, improving the dragon as a solo frontline secondary carrier. And players can choose to run the Whispers version instead, swapping Sy’fen in conjunction with Sylas for Idas. 

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Some players might argue that the Sy’fen Whispers version is stronger but it also requires more items. Running Idas adds one item to the pool and doesn’t punish players for building defensive items during the early and mid-game stages.

Corki with an Idas as the frontline carrier wants Last Whisper but doesn’t need it if running Sy’fen and Sylas. The two most important items on Corki are still Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Infinity Edge. The third can either be Quicksilver, Last Whisper, or Draven’s Axe if provided from the Shimmerscale lottery. Sona will want a Morellonomicon if possible. And Aura items like Zeke’s Herald are also strong during the late-game stages. 

Update Aug. 4 2pm CT: All best TFT comps adjusted following the 12.14 B-patch.