TFT Set 7 NA Jade Cup: Standings, format, and updates

Competitive gameplay heats up as players seek invites to the Mid-Set Finale.

Image via Riot Games

Showcasing 152 Teamfight Tactics North American players, the top four overall finishers at the Set Seven Jade Cup will advance to the Dragonlands Mid-Set Finale. 

Similar to the NA Astral Cup, the TFT Set Seven Jade Cup will take place over the course of two weekends. The July 30 to 31 weekend featured 128 players, with only the top 32 advancing to the Aug. 6 to 7 second weekend. A total of 32 players skipped the first weekend, including the top 24 ranked NA players according to ladder snapshots and those who qualified for the Jade Cup during the Astral Cup. 

Here were the 32 NA players who earned a bye during the first weekend of the TFT Set Seven Jade Cup.

mD PockyGomInikoinikoCasparwuSpencerTFT
AesahEmily WangPrestiventTL Robin
Darth NubFingerLickerMilk GuyNightling
AmdeMarcel PJasonjavaDQA
ClearTL SaintviciousVelayyDace
BC SocksRamblinnnKevyzhouWithin
Davidas202TSM SoulessMilalaLuqun

July 30 to 31 TFT Set Seven Jade Cup standings

A total of 12 games were played over the course of two days. Bonus points were awarded to players who finished in the top 24 after day one and points were carried over into the second day of the competition. Only the top 32 earned an invite to compete during the second half of the TFT Set Seven NA Jade Cup. 

Here are the top 32 from the first two days of the Jade Cup: 

BroccóliMoerusProtect ScrollSpicyAppies
cya nerdsTL KurumxGuubumstkmat29
SmurfSquatchNG bossoskillsTempestlifexiao dian dian
KyivixSullyTFTYami SalamiTeem Onodera
Tacobell wifiChakkiStompalittleMordenics
Onee san loverSoui ReaverChristophoStellar Minhee

Aug. 6 Jade Cup standings

Kicking off the second weekend of the TFT Set Seven Jade Cup were a total of 64 players. Six games were played, with lobbies getting reseeded every two rounds. Bonus points were awarded to the top 12 after six games, and the top 32 advanced to the final day of the Dragonlands Jade Cup.

Following three games played, Rainplosion, Milala, and Fingerlicker were sitting atop the leaderboard with TFT veteran Ramblinnn.

The Jade Cup standings shuffled heading into the final two games of the day. Sètsuko moved up with a game four lobby win while Ramblinnn took a hit with an eighth. Over half the field was still eligible to make the final day cut.

Rainplosion was one of the standouts at the Jade Cup, earning a chance to compete today by hitting the top 32 during the weekend and advancing to the final day with three bonus points. Milala also had an amazing day, ranking at the top of the leaderboard following day three.

Here are the top 32 North American TFT players advancing to the final day of the Dragonlands Jade Cup.

Jade Cup day three overall standings

Aug. 7 Jade Cup standings

A total of 32 players competed over the course of five games, with only eight advancing to the final two playoff rounds. 16 of those 32 players also made it to the final day of the Astral Cup. Players who ranked in the top 12 during the third day started the final day with bonus points. The top four highest scoring players during the final day of the TFT Set Seven Jade Cup earned a direct invite to the Dragonlands Mid-Set Finale.

After three games played, Milk sat atop the leaderboard with 23 points, followed by TL Robin and Rainplosion with 22 points.

Overall scores after three games

Only eight players advanced to the TFT Jade Cup playoffs after five rounds played on the final day of competition, playing another two games to determine who advances to the Mid-Set Finale. Making the top eight cut was TL Robin, MD Pockygom, JasonJava, Rainplosion, Zhydration, Berasaurus, Chakki, and Milk Guy.

Overall standings after five games

The final two games of the playoffs showcased a Zoe three-star, Daeja three-star, and a Soraka three-star that wiped the board with one cast, earning Rainplosion the TFT Set Seven Jade Cup title.

Jade Cup Overall Standings
  • Rainplosion: 44 points
  • MD Pockygom: 41 points
  • TL Robin: 41 points
  • Chakki: 41 points
  • Zhydration: 39 points
  • Bertasaurus: 38 points
  • Milk Guy: 34 points
  • Jasonjava: 34 points

All images via Riot Games and Wisdom.