All TFT 12.14 AD scaling per star level nerfs and buffs

Buffs could adjust go-to reroll carriers going forward.

Image via Riot Games

Every Teamfight Tactics Set Seven champion will get affected by a system change that reduces attack damage concerning increased star levels.

Patch 12.14 will bring about a massive system change to how TFT champions scale in attack damage power as their star level is increased. Most players won’t notice anything different about a majority of their favorite champions as the design and balance team put the power that was taken away from attack damage auto attacks, and put it back into spells, according to game designer director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer during the 12.14 Patch Rundown

The power level of a majority of the Set Seven champions will remain the same following the Patch 12.14 adjustments to the AD scaling system per star level. Select champions, like Varus and Nidalee, were intentionally nerfed. And others like Anivia and Senna were buffed. All Set Seven champions that were nerfed from the TFT system change didn’t have adjustments made to their spells, compensating for a loss of power. 

Here’s every TFT Set Seven champion that was nerfed or buffed from the Patch 12.14 AD scaling system change, per the Patch Rundown

AD scaling TFT champion nerfs

A total of four TFT champions were hit with direct nerfs from the AD scaling system change. Xayah was hit with additional nerfs in conjunction with the attack damage adjustments. And Talon received spell buffs, although the overall end result was still a nerf to the Set Seven champion. 

  • Nidalee: AD per auto attack nerfed at two and three-star from 50/90/162 to 55/83/124
  • Varus: AD per auto attack nerfed at two and three-star from 50/90/162 to 55/83/124
  • Olaf: AD per auto attack nerfed at two and three-star from 50/90/162 to 55/83/124
  • Talon: AD per star level nerfed at two and three-star from 60/108/194 to 60/90/135
  • Talon: Spell Knives attack damage ratio adjusted from 75/75/200 to 75/100/300 percent
  • Talon: Spell base damage buffed from 125/175/500 to 120/200/700
  • Xayah: AD per star level nerfed at two and three-star from 70/126/227 to 75/113/169
  • Xayah: Damage per feather buffed from 12/20/40 to 12/20/60
  • Xayah: Feather pull attack damage percentage reduced from 20 to 18 percent

AD scaling TFT champion buffs

A total of seven champions were buffed overall, despite nerfs to their auto-attack AD damage. Changes made to Jinx, specifically the mana refund, may have players choosing to reroll and use her as a secondary carrier in Cannoneer comps, according to Mortdog. And Yone has been sitting on the fringe of the meta as a carrier during the late game stages, with the TFT Patch 12.14 buffs potentially encouraging players to reroll him outside of specific Mirage comps.

  • Ashe: AD per auto attack nerfed from 45/81/146 to 50/75/113
  • Ashe: Spell damage buffed from 90/125/175 to 125/175/225
  • Jinx: AD per auto attack nerfed from 55/99/178 to 65/98/146
  • Jinx: Spell damage adjusted from 300/400/550 to 250/400/600
  • Jinx: Mana refund per missed missile buffed from 10 to 25
  • Yone: AD per auto attack adjusted from 45/81/146 to 55/82/124
  • Yone: Bonus magic damage from spell buffed at three-star from 100/150/200 to 90/150/225
  • Anivia: AD per auto nerfed from 40/72/130 to 40/60/90
  • Anivia: Spell damage increased at two and three-star from 325/450/700 to 325/475/750
  • Volibear: AD per auto nerfed from 50/90/162 to 60/90/135
  • Volibear: Spell damage buffed from 110/155/215 to 110/160/225
  • Sona: AD per auto nerfed from 40/72/130 to 40/60/90
  • Sona: Spell damage buffed from 200/300/1000 to 25/350/1000
  • Shi Oh Yu: AD per auto nerfed from 75/135/243 to 90/135/203
  • Shi Oh Yu: Spell attack damage percentage buffed from 265/275/1000 to 265/290/1000 percent

Update July 26 at 9am CT: Stat changes posted by Mortdog on Twitter were applied.