How to watch TFT Dragonlands EMEA Golden Spatula Cup, format and updates

Watch the best compete for select spots at the Regional Finals.

Image via Riot Games

Watch the best Teamfight Tactics EMEA regional players compete for an invite to the Regional Finals and a chance to represent their country at the Set Seven Dragonlands World Championship. 

The second Rising Legends EMEA Golden Spatula Cup will take palace from Aug. 12 to 14, with open qualifiers running the weekend before over the course of three days. A total of 512 players can compete in the open qualifiers, with the top 32 advancing to Golden Spatula Cup. 

Qualifiers will not have a broadcast but fans can watch individual streamers compete. And the Golden Spatula Cup will have a Rising Legends broadcast available on Twitch that starts at 9am CT. 

Open qualifier EMEA Golden Spatula Cup TFT format

Players will compete over the course of three days, with 512 starting on day one. Reseeding is done every two rounds over the course of six games during the first day, with 128 players advancing to day two. A full list of all EMEA open qualifier competitors can be found here. Group A starts at 3am CT while Group B starts at 12pm CT. 

The same structure is followed during the second day with 64 players advancing to the final day of the open qualifiers. And six games played on day three will determine the top 32 advancing to the TFT Set Seven Golden Spatula Cup. 

EMEA Dragolands Golden Spatula Cup TFT format

The second Golden Cup Spatula will run from Aug. 12 to 14 at 9am CT on Twitch and will feature a total of 128 players. Similar to the first Golden Spatula Cup within TFT Set Seven, only one player can earn a direct invite to the EMEA Regional Finals. Of the 128 players competing during the first day, 32 are from open qualifiers and 96 are from ladder snapshots. 

Only 64 players advance to the second day after six games and reseeding every two rounds. Day two has the same structure, featuring the top 16 advancing to the third and final day. Players will compete in six games on day three with lobbies getting reseeded every two rounds and only one player will earn an invite to the EMEA Dragonlands Regional Finals. 

All players competing in a Golden Spatula Cup can earn tournament points that can get used to secure a spot at the EMEA Regional Finals.