Timthetatman hits 4 million subscribers on YouTube

The new home for his stream is growing.

Screengrab via [Twitch.tv/timthetatman]

Some of Twitch’s former stars announced at the beginning of this month they’d be making the jump to YouTube. Since that recent announcement, TimTheTatman, who debuted on YouTube Gaming on Sept. 2, has already seen substantial growth of his channel.

Just shy of a week since announcing the move, Tim’s YouTube community has surpassed 4 million subscribers. According to social media analytics site SocialBlade, Tim has garnered more than 200,000 subscribers since the announcement of his move. This number took his already impressive audience of 3.8 million to the next milestone he reached today.

The content views on Tim’s channel were already recording all-time highs before the move, according to SocialBlade, though with the stream residing on the channel permanently, it is likely there will be a jump in views coming gradually to the channel.

Tim is the latest of creators making the move away from Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube. This has worked extremely well for creators such as CouRage and Valkyrae, who were able to grow substantially after making a change.

Days before Tim shared news of his move, another Twitch star Dr. Lupo announced he would be joining the exclusive streaming partners on YouTube. This meant Twitch lost two of its biggest creators within a week.

Four million subscribers is an extremely impressive number but with Tim’s community, it shouldn’t be long before Tim is able to increase his sub count even further.