Sodapoppin slapped with shock Twitch ban, length of suspension unknown

The star can no longer stream on Twitch, for now.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin on Twitch

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has just been slapped with an indefinite suspension on Twitch, with the star now unable to stream on the site until the strike has been lifted. The ban is Soda’s second since early 2020⁠—he was previously banned for just 24 hours over nudity in a VRChat stream.

Twitch has yet to confirm the reason behind Soda’s April 13 suspension. Similarly, the popular star has not yet commented and missed his Wednesday stream.

Sodapoppin fans have offered up one possible reason: the 28-year-old Austin-based streamer caught the ire of some fans on April 9 when he applied makeup to a generic face in a game he was playing, declaring “blackface” at the same time. Dot Esports understands this is against Twitch’s terms of service on the site.

The suspension is expected to last between three and seven days. Similar offenses⁠—if Sodapoppin was suspended for that April 9 clip⁠—lasted similar lengths.

Up until his shock Twitch suspension this week, Sodapoppin has gone live on the Amazon-owned platform near-daily in 2022. He missed just five days in January and was absent on the site on February 16 and March 29.

We’ll keep you updated once Sodapoppin or Twitch comments on the ban.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin on YouTube

Soda originally exploded on Twitch via World of Warcraft and quickly became synonymous with the Blizzard title in the early 2010s. More recently, the 28-year-old has leaned more towards Just Chatting streams with his enormous fanbase and he more regularly reacts to videos and clips.

The temporarily-banned star was nominated for the very first ‘Legacy Award’ at the inaugural Streamer Awards last month, though he eventually lost out to long-reigning Twitch queen Imane “Pokimane” Anys.

The Twitch star currently boasts 3.23 million followers on the site.