Ludwig crowned Streamer of the Year in upset win at 2022 Streamer Awards

Ludwig's best mogul move.

Screengrab via QTCinderella

Popular YouTube streamer and content creator Ludwig became the first Streamer of the Year recipient at the inaugural Streamer Awards last night, topping other big-profile names.

Competition for the night’s most prestigious award was stiff. Sykkuno, xQc, and Mizkif were all fellow nominees. Boasting millions of followers, countless channel views, and an exorbitant amount of hours spent on broadcast, these four streamers all made strides both on and off-stream in 2022.

The voting for all categories was a result of a 70-30 percent split between the popular vote and a panel of judges, with the lion’s share of the decision coming from the audience. In the most significant upset of the night, Ludwig claimed the final and highly anticipated award for Streamer of the Year. In his speech, Ludwig mentioned his three fellow nominees.

“You guys would not believe who I had to sleep with to get this,” he joked about his relationship with the event’s host, QTCinderella. “Every time I stream, I wish that I was compassionate as Sykkuno, or as funny as xQc, or like Mizkif too or whatever.”

“It feels good to get this. I had one good month and that’s why I’m standing here,” Ludwig said, referencing his subathon. The event took up the entire month of March 2021, and Ludwig hoped he can have a year as good as that month. He also hopes to be “just a fraction of what Ibai is to Spain, but to America and English speakers,” due to the streamer’s success and prominence.

Ludwig was undoubtedly one of the most influential streamers in 2021. Along with his subathon, the streamer grew his show Mogul Money, aided in creating one of the largest collaboration of streamers in ShitCamp, and became one of the most notable figures to move from Twitch to YouTube.