Sodapoppin banned on Twitch

It may have been the result of a VRChat stream.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Popular streamer Sodapoppin’s Twitch channel has been banned, although the exact reason has not been confirmed.

Twitter account @StreamerBans, which automatically tweets when Twitch partners are banned, tweeted at 8:21pm CT that Sodapoppin had been banned. Nearly 20 minutes before Soda’s ban, streamer Roflgator was hit with a ban, which has led some fans to think the bans are related to a VRChat stream the pair did on July 17.

During the stream, multiple in-game characters wore revealing clothing, including lingerie. Twitch outlines its rules regarding sexually explicit content in games in its Community Guidelines.

“When interacting with in-game nudity or sexual content in a permitted game, users may only spend as much time as is required to progress,” Twitch said. “In addition, users may not engage in simulated sexual activity or erotic roleplay—which includes the specific behaviors listed under Sexually Suggestive Content above—with other players in online games.  Games that primarily consist of user-generated content, in-game roleplay, or interactions in virtual reality are not exempt from this policy.”

Neither Sodapoppin or Roflgator have made a public statement about their bans. Per Twitch policy, the platform has not said the reason or duration of their bans.