Meow Wolf’s interactive “choose your own adventure” is now live on Twitch

The immersive livestream will take viewers through a unique first-person experience.

Image via Twitch

Meow Wolf, an art group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is now live on Twitch with a “choose your own adventure” interactive livestream.

Meow Wolf is known for providing immersive experiences that transport audiences to different creative dimensions. And now, the group has partnered with Twitch to take viewers through a first-person experience like no other.

The livestream is taking place in the realm of Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return installation, which blends technological and fantastical elements.

“Something has happened inside a mysterious Victorian house that has dissolved the nature of time and space,” Meow Wolf’s website reads. “Each visitor is invited to choose his or her own path through the 20,000 sq. ft exhibition by walking, climbing, and crawling through an imaginative multiverse of unexpected environments.”

Meow Wolf’s stream, which started at 5pm CT, seeks to bring the installation into Twitch viewers’ homes and make this “first-person experience a reality.”

Twitch isn’t the only entity that’s shown interest in Meow Wolf. Famed author of the Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire books George R.R. Martin was so enamored by Meow Wolf’s vision that he bought an old bowling alley, spent over $2.5 million on renovations, and leased it to them for 10 years. The attention of the famous novelist helped Meow Wolf earn money from investors to complete the building of the art complex.

Tune in to to take Meow Wolf’s immersive and interactive experiences to the next level.