How big is the map in Saints Row (2022)?

You'll be familiar with the streets of Santo Ileso before you know it.

A map from Saints Row covered in different icons that represent different activities
Screengrab via Volition

With the wide variety of open-world games released in the last decade, the maps only seem to get bigger and bigger. But it’s not important how big a map is, it’s all about how wisely it is used. Players won’t want to drive for 10 minutes because the map is too big with nothing to do. Luckily, the upcoming Saints Row uses its medium-sized map wisely.

The game doesn’t provide any scale on its map, so the player is left to figure it out on their own using the available tools. If you stand on the farthest right side of the map and then highlight the farthest icon from that point, which is about an inch from the left side border, you get about 7,350 meters. Accounting for extra space, the map is around 7.5 kilometers or 4.66 miles wide.

While it doesn’t look like it at first, there is a lot to do across the city of Santo Ileso once you unlock the different Criminal Ventures and other side hustles. By the time the credits roll, you’ll be familiar with most of the streets in Santo Ileso due to all the activities you can complete. When completely filled, the map looks crowded, far from the clean look players get at the start. The map has a lot for players to do in it, which makes it feel a lot bigger.

While it might not be the biggest map in recent years, Saints Row does a good job of filling its city with activities and NPCs that make the city feel lively.