Venonat, Venomoth will appear in a Regional Pokédex for the first time in over 20 years in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The little guy is just so happy to be appearing before the post-game in a region outside of Kanto and Johto.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

There are many different elements Pokémon fans focus on when a trailer for a new game drops, one of which is the number of new and returning Pokémon that make an appearance. 

New Pokémon typically receive the most attention, which was still the case with the new Scarlet and Violet trailer thanks to the lovable little Lechonk. Venonat, however, appeared midway through the video, bounding through the grass, and fans around the world who recognized the significance of the moment celebrated. 

This reaction wasn’t because the version of Venonat bouncing around in the overworld was a new regional variant or something special, but rather, just the fact the Insect Pokémon is there in the first place. 

Prior to SV, Venonat and Venomoth had been strangely absent from other Pokémon games, having last appeared in a Regional Pokédex all the way back in generation two. Essentially, outside of remakes or post-game availability, the Bug and Poison type had been missing in action for over two decades—last appearing in the Regional Pokédex for Pokémon Crystal in 2000, if you don’t count remakes like Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee! 

Now, after 21 years, 22 by the time SV actually release on Nov. 18, of being locked to the Regional Pokédex in Kanto and Johto, the fluffy, round friend is now native to another region. No wonder the “little” guy looks so happy in the trailer. 

Venonat is not generally considered a fan-favorite Pokémon, nor is it or its evolution Venomoth overly powerful—even when just talking about Bug and Poison types. In fact, the most attention Venomoth has likely had was as a main team member during the original Twitch Plays Pokémon run, where it was affectionately referred to as the ATV (All Terrain Venomoth.)

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But any time that a Pokémon makes a return like this after such a long period of time, especially with the current state of the National Pokédex in newer games, the community is generally pretty excited. Maybe we will even see a new evolution or something of a regional evo for Venonat too since Venomoth doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer at all.