How to find and beat Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus in Pokémon Go

Time to go on a genie hunt.

Image via Niantic

The three Legendary Genie Pokémon are finally being added to Pokémon Go. Tornadus is already available in the game if you can find it when competing in five-star raids from Feb. 4 to 25.

That means you’ll have to wait to add both Thundurus and Landorus to your team. The movesets for all of them have already been discovered within the game’s code, however, so we can at least take a look at what you’ll need to be prepared for when facing them. 

Tornadus is already in the game and is a pure Flying-type, but you’ll need to be careful about choosing which Pokémon to bring to the raid because it has the potential to know Grass Knot. That means you can still bring Rock-types, but you’ll want to avoid bringing creatures with a four-times weakness to Grass, such as Golem, to the fight. 

You’re always going to end up fighting a Tornadus that has some combination of a Dark or Flying-type move, meaning you’ll be absolutely fine bringing some Electric-type Pokémon to the raid. But just in case, here are the moves that it could potentially have as both Fast Moves and Charge Moves. 

Fast MovesCharge Moves
Air SlashHurricane 
BiteHyper Beam

Grass Knot

Dark Pulse

Your best bet to counter the Cyclone Pokémon is bringing things like Magnezone, Zapdos, or Tyranitar that can hit it hard and resist all or most of its moves. 

Things get a little bit more difficult when you start talking about Thundurus since it isn’t in the game yet and it also has a dual typing, Electric/Flying-type. The good news is both of its Fast Moves are bad and you’ll really only need to worry about typing and the single Charge Move. 

Fast MovesCharge Moves
Thunder ShockThunder
AstonishThunder Punch

Brick Break


As long as you bring Ground-types or powerful Rock-type Pokémon, you should have no issues taking down the Bolt Strike Pokémon. Mamoswine is a great choice because it’s Ground and Ice-type, so it’s immune to three of Thundurus’ moves and can hit it hard with Avalanche. 

Lastly, Landorus is the strongest of the trio and has the most potential coverage in its arsenal. You’ll need to cover the Ground, Rock, and Fighting-types if you want to ensure an advantage, which isn’t an easy combination to find. 

But because Landorus is a Ground/Flying-type, it has a massive weakness to Ice-type Pokémon and will be relatively easy to take down if you can survive its attacks long enough. Thus, Ice-types are once again your best friend here. 

Fast MovesCharge Moves
Mud ShotFocus Blast
Rock ThrowRock Slide 


Earth Power

If you have a Pokémon like Kyogre or Feraligatr on hand with an Ice-type move, you can easily bring them and feel safe because Landorus can’t hit them super effectively. You’ll still need to be careful since the Abundance Pokémon hits like a truck, but it shouldn’t be the hardest challenge you have faced in the game. 

Again, only Tornadus is available in Go right now, but the other two should be added soon.

The real threat will come once the Therian forms of all three Pokémon are added to the game in the future. This is when their versatility and movesets will truly be unlocked, even if they aren’t as powerful in statistical terms.