How to earn Battle Points (BP) in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Prepare to wait a while.

Screengrab via Nintendo

If you have come across a few stores in Pokémon Sword and Shield with various rare items, you might notice that you require a form of currency known as BP.

But how exactly do you get a hold of this currency?

Battle Points, or BP for short, is a form of currency that you earn mainly in the post-game after completing the story and saving the Galar region.

You can acquire BP by taking part in the Battle Tower and taking on waves of trainers. Each trainer you beat rewards you with a small amount of BP. Players can collect BP to purchase rare hold items or other rewards.

You can also earn BP through mystery gifts, should Game Freak ever decide to send some out, or by participating in online tournaments featuring other players from across the world. You can earn an even larger amount of BP for placing highly on the leaderboards.

After you have your BP, feel free to spend it on any crucial items you need on your way to the top.