Best Pokémon gifts for the holiday season

So much merchandise, so much Pokémon!

Image via Pokémon

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Deck the halls with boughs of…Pokémon? 

The gift-giving season is here and there’s a ridiculous amount of Pokémon merchandise just waiting to fall into the hands of fans across the globe. 

Maybe you’re wondering what to ask Santa for Christmas or you’re looking for some ideas to gift a Pokémon lover in your life. Either way, we’ve put together a list of 16 Pokémon-themed goodies to get your present juices flowing.

Holiday exclusives 

What better way to start off our present list than with holiday-specific memorabilia? Every year, the Pokémon Center releases a collection of holiday-exclusive items. This year, the collection features a variety of Pikachu and Eevee themed winter gear. From a tree skirt to pointy Santa hats and limited-edition figures, there are tons of presents that will help get you or your giftee into the holiday spirit. 

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Image via Pokémon

Maybe adding Sword and Shield to this list was too obvious. But honestly, it has to be the perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t already own a copy. It’s the latest core series with an entirely new set of Pokémon. There’s even a corgi Pokémon. Yes, a corgi. 

Additionally, as new titles, Sword and Shield can be found in just about every major retailer. The game is accessible and the ideal last-minute gift. Forgot to give your second cousin twice removed a present? No worries, head over to a Target and you’re good to go. Of course, try to figure out which version your giftee would like to receive before committing to a purchase. 

Pokémon Shirts 

If you know someone who loves Pokémon but also works a nine-to-five job, this is the gift to get. Pokémon Shirts by Original Stitch are the perfect mix of fandom and style. Each shirt is handmade in Japan and designed by you. Everything from the collar fabric to buttons can be customized and tailored to fit the wearer’s preferences. 

Original Stitch offers three different cuts—casual, dress, and Hawaiian—in both men’s and women’s sizes. Furthermore, there’s a unique fabric design for each of the 151 original Pokémon. Multiple fabrics can even be mixed into one shirt. Keep in mind these shirts aren’t exactly cheap and average around $100 per piece.


Plushies are cute, they’re cuddly, and there’s a ton of them. There are over 700 of these cuties, and that’s just on the Pokémon Center website. Pokémon from every generation are represented in plush form. Even some bulky legendaries are given a soft makeover. Here’s looking at you, Buzzwole

The sheer range of plushies is frankly daunting, but it means there’s likely a gift for every Poke-fan. It’s especially easy sorting through the mass of plushies if you know your giftee’s favorite Pokémon. And they’re priced fairly reasonably. Pokémon plushies start at about $8 for a keychain to $50 for larger dolls and over $130 for jumbo-sized plush. 

Loungefly bags and backpacks  

If we had to describe these bags from Loungefly in two words they’d be: practically perfect. The designs are classy, yet unmistakably Pokémon. They’re also made from incredible material with high attention to detail and they hold our stuff when we don’t want to. The fashion statement and practicality these bags offer make them a gift that can be used for years to come. 

The bags and backpacks can be found directly on Loungefly’s website and go for about $45 to $75. Box Lunch also carries some of the bags along with a Box Lunch X Loungefly exclusive mini-bag

Jewelry from the Han Cholo collection

Earlier this year, Detective Pikachu was released in theaters and with it came a flood of memorabilia. In between the hauls of merchandise we received a small jewelry collaboration between Pokémon and designer Han Cholo. The collection features a Detective Pikachu hat pendant, magnifying glass necklace, and a pair of stud earrings. Each piece is handcrafted in the U.S. and features a 24-karat gold plating with a sterling silver base. 

These gifts aren’t for everyone, however. The earrings are priced at $95 and the chains will run you $195 each. They’re absolutely stunning, but it’s better to save these for a special someone on your gift list. 

Etsy Pokémon Planters

Photo via SunnyStoneDecor

These planters take the meaning of “Grass-type” to a literal level. Most of the planters we found on Etsy are great for potting small succulents, but some shops offer larger four to six inch pots. The most common design is Bulbasaur, likely due to its pleasing aesthetic when transformed into a planter. It’s uncanny how realistic the Bulbasaur pots can become. 

Though Bulbasaur is the most common, there are several Oddish planters, like these from Gadgetalicious, along with this Phantump planter from Moonswift. Prices for the planters heavily vary depending on the shop, but most seem to land around $10 to $30. 


Receiving a Nanoblock is a journey. First comes the excitement of a new challenge. Then it’s time to construct. And finally, when all the pieces come together, you have a supremely adorable figure to display. 

Nanoblocks are essentially a smaller version of Legos with every bit of interactivity. But unlike Legos, Nanoblocks offer Pokémon sets. A variety of generation one and two Pokémon are available to choose from, with most starting around $15.90.  


These pint-sized figures might look like a children’s play-thing, but they’re actually some of the most intricate and detailed figures on the market. Each Nendoroid comes with a set of interchangeable faces, appendages, bangs, or accessories. Most include a mini Pokémon as well. The figures can be moved into a plethora of poses. They’ll make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Good Smile offers several Nendoroids of various characters and Pokémon from the series. Most hover around $50, but larger figures can go up to $100. A list of Pokémon Nendoroids can be found on the Pokémon Center website

Big print Pokémon T-shirt

Does your giftee love Pokémon and isn’t afraid to show it? Well then, these printed shirts from Living Dead will make the perfect surprise. Each shirt is hand-sewn and cut and made from a polyester blend fabric. These shirts are all too comfy and easy to wear. 

Right now, Living Dead has a shirt for each of the generation seven starters along with the legendaries, Lunala and Solgaleo. 


It’s winter. It’s cold. How do you stay warm? Blankets. But not just any blanket. A plush, fleece blanket covered in adorable Pokémon. 

The fleece throws from the Pokémon Center measure 50 by 60 inches and are the ideal gift for staying warm and cuddling up over the holidays. The blankets are priced at $40, making for a cozy, mid-range present. 

Cookie cutters 

Is it really the holiday season without some freshly baked cookies? And what better cookie to bake than one cut into the shape of your giftee’s favorite Pokémon. But be careful, it may just be too cute to eat. 

Smiltro on Etsy offers over 280 different Pokémon-shaped cookie cutters from various generations. The cutters are highly detailed and create images that look like they popped right out of the show. They’re also great for other craft projects, like creating clay art. Prices start at $6.90 and go up to $14.90 for larger cutters. 

Eevee Tamagotchi 

Owning a Pokémon Tamagotchi is the closest thing to owning a real Pokémon. You can carry it everywhere, feed it, play with it, and even evolve it. And the Eevee version is capable of transforming into any one of its eight evolutions. 

There are two variations of the Eevee Tamagotchi, with the only difference being the outer design. The Tamagotchi were released as a Japan-exclusive earlier this year, but versions can be found on the Bandai and Pokémon Amazon pages. 

Funko Pops and Figures

Gifting a Pokémon Funko Pop is likely the most cost-effective and easiest item to give. The figures can be found in a variety of stores including Target, Gamestop, and Hot Topic. The standard figures average around $8 each but can go up to over $30 for larger or more exclusive Pops. The Pokémon Center even sells a monthly a limited Pikachu Funko each month for $15.

Re-Ment boxes

Re-Ment boxes are a surprise within a surprise. First, you get a figure. But which will it be? The suspense is killing us. These whimsical mysteries are a type of gachapon where the figure inside comes from a larger set of toys but is randomly packaged and dispensed. 

The Re-Ment boxes, in particular, are high quality and exceptionally detailed for tiny figures. There are several different sets like the mini Pokémon-filled terrariums or cafe-themed variations. Typically, the boxes are sold individually, but you can buy full collections on the Re-Ment Amazon page

Pokémon doormat

Welcome home. We’re finishing off our list with where Pokémon began. This mat is a throwback to generation one’s Pallet Town featuring Red and his iconic pixelated house. The design mimics the Game Boy graphics and comes in three different colors: sepia, gray, and green. The mat is entirely handmade and sold by RetroArtDecor for $39.99. There’s also the option to add personalized text right below the house. 

The world of Pokémon merchandise is never-ending, but we believe this list showcases some of the best and most memorable items to check out this holiday season.