All Pokémon OCG ‘Start Deck 100’ cards revealed

There are plenty of new cards among these decks.

Images via The Pokémon Company

Ahead of Pokémon OCG releasing the collection of starter decks ‘Start Deck 100’ on Dec. 17, all its new cards have been revealed by The Pokémon Company.

While decks have been revealing cards incrementally, The Pokémon Company proceeded to show the main cards from all the remaining sets today, so a complete list of cards can be compiled.

Within the range of 100 decks, 414 different cards have been used, according to PokeBeach, with 18 alternate art reprints and 35 entirely new additions.

Many of these new cards were shown off previously, including Granbull V and Aggron VMAX, which appeared online earlier this week. As expected, we can now also see Aggron V among a ton of other new cards. You can check them all out here.

When the range launches on Dec. 17, Pokémon OCG players and collectors in Japan can purchase a box that will contain a random ready-to-play deck. It isn’t clear exactly when these cards will make their way to the west, however, PokeBeach notes that Kingler VMAX and Aggron VMAX will both be included in February’s TCG set Brilliant Stars.

This means if you’re looking to get your hands on these complete decks and are located outside of Japan, you’ll have to look at online retailers or the release market.