Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event kicks off on July 20, teases skins for Symmetra, Mei, and Ashe

More Summer fun is just around the corner.

Screengrab via Blizzard

Overwatch’s original seasonal event is making a comeback this year. Blizzard Entertainment is bringing the heat when the Summer Games 2021 return on July 20, and the company has already teased skins for Mei, Ashe, and Symmetra.

Blizzard confirmed Mermaid Symmetra as one of the upcoming cosmetics, and Ashe, Mei, Winston, and Sigma might be getting a summer makeover as well, based on the images throughout the announcement trailer. In addition to the new items, the event will also bring the return of seasonal content like the Lúcioball game mode and event-exclusive cosmetic items from previous years.

As usual, these event skins will be available in the seasonal loot boxes or through direct purchase for Credits. The highly sought after Legendary skins will cost 3,000 Credits, while Epic skins only cost 750, with the usual markup for the most recent collections. Older cosmetics should be priced at the standard rate, however.

Overwatch‘s Summer Games usually kicks off in August, but this year, the event will launch in July, just like it did in 2019. With the event justt days away, Blizzard will likely share more information soon. Based on previous years, there will likely be a few unique twists to add a fresh spin to the oldest event in the game. This could mean new challenges or bonus content for Summer Games 2021, which will run for around 20 days.