Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer shows off story missions, hero customization, and new modes

Story missions and a new mode highlight what's new in OW2.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch 2 is real, and it’s all about the lore and story content.

Game director Jeff Kaplan revealed a gameplay trailer for the sequel during BlizzCon’s opening ceremony today, and it shows off a new focus on story missions and gameplay.

Overwatch launched as a multiplayer PvP game, but Blizzard added limited time co-op modes over time and players loved them. They loved them so much that Overwatch 2’s main difference from Overwatch is that it features the new story missions, replayable co-op Hero missions, and hero customization.

The trailer shows what looks like story cutscenes featuring the heroes interacting and fighting together, and even meetups between old friends, like Genji and his former mentor, Zenyatta.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Each of the game’s heroes will have new selectable talents and skills that can be upgraded to have different effects on gameplay, like the ones for Tracer seen above.

A war room map that the heroes gather around features what look like missions set in Rio De Janeiro, Route 66, Toronto, Paris, Ilios, and Busan.

On the PvP side of things, the new mode called Push shows what looks like a robot that can be taken over by either team. The robot then pushes an objective back and forth across the map, creating what seems to be a bit of a seesaw affair.

New PvP maps are promised and Kaplan confirmed that all Overwatch 2 heroes and maps will be playable in Overwatch as well, making it seem like the main draw to the sequel is its co-op elements and overhauled graphics.

No release date for Overwatch 2 was given, but more information about the game will likely be revealed this weekend at BlizzCon.