McCree is the star of Overwatch’s next cinematic

We get to know a bit about the Deadlock Gang in McCree's new short.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s cinematics are like movies. They tell compelling, human stories that bring Overwatch players into the heroes’ worlds—it’s a way to open Overwatch up beyond just the gameplay, which is often limited to six-on-six battles.

Released during BlizzCon 2018, the new cinematic, Reunion, does just this for McCree and the Deadlock Gang. The story focuses on the Route 66 payload, and what’s been missing from inside. But better yet, it introduces some new heroes to the Overwatch world: Ashe, a Deadlock Gang leader that wants her payday.

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A fight ensues, an epic shoot-out between some Overwatch cowboys… one that leaves Ashe tied up on the payload. But McCree? He gets the Route 66 goods. And we finally learn what’s inside the payload: Echo. The hero Overwatch needs. But surprise! She’s not the hero we’re getting yet. Immediately following the cinematic, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that bad-ass cowgirl Ashe is the 29th Overwatch hero.

It’s the latest story to be told since D.Va’s Shooting Star short was revealed at a fan event in South Korea. Despite not applying much to gameplay, lore is an important part of Overwatch’s draw. Fans stick around to learn hero backstories, to see the Overwatch story evolve.