How to unlock Illari in Overwatch 2

Harness the power of the sun.

Illari charging her railgun with solar power
Screengrab via Dot Esports

Overwatch 2’s newest cast member, Illari, is a solar-powered support hero joining the roster for season six, and with a massive railgun that looks more like a keyblade than a gun, gamers are clamoring to play her.

The Peruvian healer comes compete with a healing turret ability and an ultimate that channels the power of the sun leading to explosive outcomes that can decimate opponents, but you’ll need to unlock her before you can test any of her unique kit. Here’s what you need to do so you can start practicing with her.

How to unlock Illari in Overwatch 2

Illari can be unlocked on Aug. 10 by purchasing the season six premium battle pass once the season officially begins. The premium battle pass costs 1,000 OW coins, around $10, and getting it will immediately give you access to Illari.

Illari charging a solar-powered ability in Overwatch 2
Screengrab via Dot Esports

If you’re balling on a budget or don’t want to fork over the cash, you can still play Illari, but you’ll have to wait a little while to unlock her. Similar to the way that Lifeweaver unlocked at tier 45 of the free battle pass in season four, you’ll have to grind your way up the free battle pass to unlock Illari.

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If you Overwatch 2 a couple of hours a day, like a dedicated gamer, you shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching tier 45 before Illari becomes available in competitive two weeks following the start of the season. However, you won’t be getting that much-needed practice time before she’s comp-ready. 

For that reason, I highly suggest scraping together a few bucks to get the premium battle pass. Not only will you get to play Illari faster, but you’ll also be able to earn a slew of Invasion-themed cosmetics that turn Overwatch heroes into Null Sector Omnics. Oh, and you’ll be able to cop that terrifyingly aesthetic Mythic Ana skin.


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