Hangzhou Spark indefinitely suspend Krystal

After being publicly shamed for his attitude, the Spark have had to step in once again.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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Hangzhou Spark’s Cai “Krystal” Shilong has been indefinitely suspended by the Overwatch League team after a week-long public feud over his attitude toward practice. Krystal was fined earlier this week after failing to keep Spark management informed about his 10-day absence and his lack of preparation for scrims.

Hangzhou outlined Krystal’s misdemeanors over the last few months in a statement on the team’s Weibo. He lived outside of the team’s residence, often taking extended trips home to China and not replying to management. Krystal lied about his intentions behind returning home, often spending time with his girlfriend in Hangzhou instead of getting treatment for his mental health issues or caring for his mother as he claimed.

He also traveled to the United States on the wrong visa before the start of the Overwatch League season two pre-season, forcing him to travel back to China and re-enter the country on the correct visa. He kept postponing his return until Feb. 21, which meant he missed all of the pre-season and the start of stage one.

Krystal was also unresponsive to the coach’s demands, according to Spark management. Krystal regularly missed scrims and VOD review sessions and didn’t give attention to scrims he attended. This distracted other players in the team environment and affected the Spark’s ability to get synergy in stages two and three, where the team experienced a sharp decline in form.

After being locked in as the team’s dedicated Brigitte player for stages two and three, Krystal requested to role-swap with Kim “GodsB” Kyeong-bo and play Zarya instead. When the coach allowed the swap, Krystal’s attitude toward scrims changed for the better, but he soon slipped back into the same toxic attitude that saw him fall out of the starting roster.

The Hangzhou Spark attempted to trade Krystal after these issues arose, with Krystal requesting moves to the Guangzhou Charge, the Boston Uprising, and the Washington Justice. He was rejected by all three teams.

The Hangzhou Spark will hit Blizzard Arena next at 11:15pm CT on Friday, Aug. 2 when they clash with the Guangzhou Charge.