Blizzard expands its line of Tokidoki Overwatch gear

It's all available on the Blizzard Gear store.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand Tokidoki has released more Overwatch gear, all of which is available on the Blizzard Gear store.

“Tokidoki x Overwatch = adorable,” Blizzard wrote from the Overwatch Twitter account. “The Heroes Collection is available now.” Included in the Tokidoki x Overwatch line are hats, bags, clothing, notebooks, and stickers.

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The Tokidoki and Overwatch partnership sparked up in July 2017 when Blizzard announced a small line available first at San Diego Comic-Con. Hats, notebooks, and clothing were available as part of the line.

Items in the Tokidoki x Overwatch line run from $8 for a pack of five stickers to $66 for an Overwatch-branded crossbody purse and a $95 backpack. In the middle, there’s shirts for $25 and totebags for $15. All of the Tokidoki x Overwatch merchandise features Blizzard’s characters re-imagined in the Tokidoki-style of art—oversized heads with big eyes and a tiny body.

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Overwatch is over two years old, so it’s likely not raking in the big bucks from a consistent stream of new players buying the game.

Instead, it’s focusing on harnessing its current player base into capital by luring players in with Overwatch-inspired gear. The Tokidoki x Overwatch line is just one pathway; Blizzard has also recently partnered with Hasbro to launch a line of Nerf blasters. The developer has revealed two so far, replicas of Reaper’s Hellfire shotgun and D.Va’s bunny blaster. The Nerf line is expected in 2019.