Where to find Jangmo-o in Pokémon Go

Niantic really put players in a Jam-o.

Screengrab via Niantic

Welcome to Alola! Or, at least, welcome more Alolan Pokémon to Pokémon Go as the Season of Alola begins in the game. 

This opens the door for Niantic to begin adding more generation seven Pokémon to the game over the next year and beyond, starting with the aptly named Welcome to Alola event that invites a handful of generation seven Pokémon to appear for the first time. 

Among the new Pokémon is Jangmo-o, which gives players access to one of the strongest Pokémon from Sun and Moon, Kommo-o. This Dragon/Fighting-type has the potential to be a big threat in high-level competitions in the Go Battle League and at the very least will be a strong addition to any normal team. 

Unfortunately, players who were hoping to quickly catch Jangmo-o in order to grind Candy and evolve it fully are going to be disappointed, at least initially: Niantic has only made the Scaly Pokémon available in 10km Eggs, and as a very rare wild encounter.

This isn’t that big of a detriment, since hatching a Jangmo-o from these Eggs will give you more Candy than catching one, but you aren’t guaranteed to hatch one and will still need to hatch or catch multiple to evolve it even once. For reference, evolving Jangmo-o into Hakamo-o will take 25 Jangmo-o Candy, while getting the line all the way to Kommo-o requires an additional 100 Candy. 

And, unlike Rockruff, Jangmo-o is currently not available as a Shiny, taking away any potential bonuses that could come with attempting to hatch so many of the Dragon-type. This will likely change in a future event.

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