The best Pokemon Nintendo Switch accessories

Give your Nintendo Switch a Pokemon-themed overhaul.

best pokemon nintendo switch accessories

Every Nintendo Switch user has played at least a few Pokemon games. With recent hits like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as Pokemon Legend Arceus, the popularity of the series keeps on growing.

There are a ton of Nintendo Switch accessories but we decided to hunt down the best Pokemon Nintendo Switch accessories. With cases, game card holders, and dock stations, you can give your console a Pokemon overhaul. Gotta catch ’em all!

Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack (Pikachu Edition)

hori pikachu switch
Image via HORI
If you carry around your Switch a lot, then you need a durable backpack that can hold your console and its accessories securely. The backpack can accommodate your Switch along with the charger, Joy-Cons, game cards, dock, and more. HORI’s Nintendo Switch backpack is yellow and black (like a certain electric mouse) and goes over your shoulder. The padded shoulder strap is comfortable and makes it easy to carry.

Antank Switch Dock Station Compatible

antank switch dock
Image via Antank
Super charge your Pokemon-themed Switch setup with this Pikachu dock station. The round dock station lets you place your switch at the 45-degree recess. You can switch between tabletop mode and TV mode while your Nintendo Switch is charging. The transparent cover prevents the USB port from dust and scratches. Since this adorable station is designed to replace the original Switch dock, it has all the required ports. You will find an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Type-C port.

Nintendo Switch Pokémon Sword & Shield Hard Pouch

hori pokemon case
Image via HORI
If you like commuting daily with your Nintendo Switch in tow, you might consider getting a compact case that’s durable. HORI’s hard pouch is lightweight and keeps your Switch safe. It holds your console securely and the smart flap on the inside can accommodate 10 game cards. The case is officially licensed by Nintendo, sporting the starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

FUNLAB Switch Game Case Compatible with Nintendo

funlab pokemon switch accessories
Image via FUNLAB
The best way to show off and carry around your Pokemon games is simply putting them in a Pokedex-style case. FUNLAB’s pocket-sized game card holder resembles Pokedex, giving off a nostalgic vibe. It has rubberized recesses inside that can hold up to six game cards. With aluminum closures, the cards won’t slip out of the case. It’s small enough to fit your pocket or even your Switch case.

Snorlax Cute Leather Travel Carrying Clutch with Game Holder

funlab snorlax switch case
Image via FUNLAB
If hard cases aren’t your thing, then FUNLAB has the perfect softer alternative for you. This Snorlax-themed case is crafted from high-quality PU. The case is sleek and can fit into your purse or backpack. With two layers of PU and magnetic snap closure, your console will be secure inside while also saving you some space while traveling. You can also easily carry five games with you.

Carrying Case For Nintendo Switch & Switch OLED, Pokemon design

large pokemon switch case
Image via Tombert
If you need to carry your Nintendo Switch around with the dock and basically the whole setup, you need a big, durable case. Tombert’s huge case is made to carry it all including a Pokeball and 21 game cards. The hard shell protects your accessories against scratches, bumps, and breakages. With a handle and a shoulder strap, the case is travel-friendly. The 3D appearance and Pokeball zippers make it appealing to Pokemon trainers everywhere.

Carry your Nintendo Switch in a Pokemon-themed case to compliment your game collection. Compact, large, and multipurpose; we have picked out the best Pokemon Nintendo Switch cases for every gamer out there.

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