TFT Patch 10.12 to introduce store, performance updates for mobile

Riot continues to look at ways to improve the mobile experience for TFT fans.

Image via Riot Games

It’s been nearly two months since Teamfight Tactics Mobile released and over 10 million players have taken the autobattler on the go since then, according to Riot Games. Riot is continuing to look at ways to improve the game’s mobile experience, the developer said in an update today, starting with adding a shop and performance updates in an upcoming patch.

TFT Mobile fans can expect features like better settings, chat, and an in-game codex to arrive in future updates. But the first feature to arrive will be a mobile store in Patch 10.12, which will allow players to purchase cosmetics from their phone and help fund the game’s continued mobile development.

Additionally, Riot will improve performance issues to help smooth out the experience of playing from a phone instead of a PC.

“We’re also looking at improving TFT’s performance so you’ll have a smoother experience on most phones,” Riot said. “We’re trying to fix things like big FPS drops during creep rounds and reduced performance during late-game team fights when players have full team comps.”

Similarly, the developer is looking into improving other mechanics for mobile users, like input fidelity, to help bridge the gap between users playing on their phones and those playing on PCs.

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Patch 10.12 is expected to release in “early June,” according to Riot. The patch will introduce a ranked reset, new Little Legends, and a new pass for players to purchase.