Tencent disqualifies 4 teams from PMCO spring split 2021

The teams were using prohibited third-party softwares.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) has always faced a lot of scrutiny in the past for hackers being present in the competition. It seems that some of them have managed to make it to the group stages of the PMCO spring split 2021 as well.

Today, Tencent announced that it was disqualifying four teams—DarkKnock, TeamMvrk, KURD MAN, and FLBV—for allegedly using “prohibited third-party software.” Tencent said these teams will not be replaced in the Club Opens. The four regions will continue with the group stages with one less team.

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While fans and players will be happy to see that Tencent is taking active action against hackers, it still raises questions about the teams potentially avoiding being banned in the qualifiers. It is possible the teams could have used hacks in the qualifiers as well. As a result, they denied the opportunity for a more worthy team to compete in the group stages.

“We will continue to improve our tools to maintain a fair, competitive tournament, and we thank the community for the numerous reports,” Tencent said while announcing the disqualification.

The PMCO spring split 2021 is being held for different regions around the world. The group stages feature 32 teams competing for a slot at the regional finals. The best teams from the regional finals will qualify for the Pro Leagues (PMPLs).