Shroud says casual players should stay away from New World

Casuals might not enjoy the experience as much as hardcore players, according to shroud.

Screengrab via Shroud

New World, Amazon’s long-awaited MMORPG game, launched yesterday and the servers are already packed with die-hard fans of the genre and casual players who want to try an MMO that isn’t World of Warcraft.

A lot of famous content creators are also exploring New World’s universe, including shroud, who’s mostly known for his ability in FPS titles like CS:GO, VALORANT, and PUBG. The North American streaming star has experience from his WoW days and came up with a hot take during his latest stream about all the casuals who are trying their hand at New World.

“For those that just don’t have the time, I would just say stay away from the game,” shroud said. “If you don’t have the time, just don’t play. If you can only play this game for an hour a day, I don’t think you’ll ever make it to the end.”

Shroud thinks most casuals won’t get to the max level in New World. And if they eventually reach it, he feels they’ll still be playing catch-up to hardcore players who are willing to grind the game. MMORPGs are known for demanding a lot of effort from players and aren’t the most-suited type of game for adults or parents, for example.

“By the time you get max level, there’s going to be content for a new zone with new gear,” shroud said. “You’re finally going to hit max level, start getting the basic gear, and then you’re like, ‘oh shit.'”

For shroud, however, there’s a way to tackle this problem in New World. The former professional CS:GO player suggested the developers should add catch-up mechanics to the game, like items you can buy to level up faster or some kind of a boost, especially to convince new players to try the game once the hype dies down.

It’s unlikely that the devs will add this sort of mechanic to the game since many hardcore players would consider it unfair. So unless Amazon listens to what shroud said, casual players might just have to accept the fact that they’ll be under-leveled compared to those who are grinding New World.

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