Riot dev lifts the lid on how skins are selected for League of Legends and Wild Rift

Some skins may never arrive in both games.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift quite obviously share a lot of similarities, but that doesn’t mean fans will be getting all of the same skins.

In a social media post by Riot EarthSlug who works as the skin lead for Wild Rift, the process for selecting what skin wilds up in each game was detailed and it would indicate more exclusive additions to each game.

Among EarthSlug’s points, the most important is that the teams on each game come together selecting which skins will best suit their respective audiences. Despite being crafted after League of Legends, the Riot staffer explained that only some skins will be shared by both games while others will be exclusive.

The decision-making comes down to factors including the time since a champion’s last skin, their total number of skins, and many more factors. It also is worth noting that, according to EarthSlug, crafting a skin for Wild Rift can take twice as long and due to this the team has to make their decision on what skins will join the mobile game well in advance of their release.

As a result of these factors, not all skins available in League will make their way into Wild Rift, nor will all of the skins available in this mobile title return back to League.

EarthSlug ended the thread urging the community to share feedback on what they want in each respective game, as this helps the team serve players exactly what they are after.

The differences between the two titles could be set to grow even greater in the future. Back in April, a Riot dev revealed that while there were no plans, the addition of Wild Rift exclusive champions has not been ruled out.

For now, the extent of exclusives seems to be limited to skins.

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