Riot hasn’t ruled out Wild Rift exclusive champions, but ‘nothing [is] currently planned’

Players can look forward to more original content.

Image via Riot Games

Champions exclusive to League of Legends: Wild Rift could be coming to the mobile game in the future–but with “nothing currently planned,” players might have a long time to wait. 

The developers have “a lot” of champions in progress already, but they aren’t planning on shipping “anywhere near” all 160+ champions from League of Legends PC. “We have a lot more we need to bring over first,” said, Brian “Feral Pony” Feeney, gameplay design director for Wild Rift. “I certainly wouldn’t rule out WR exclusive champions in the future though.”

These exclusive champions would be designed specially for mobile and controller gameplay, setting them apart from PC. For now, though, Riot has other priorities.

Wild Rift is still in its infancy and the devs clearly have a long way to go before they can start experimenting with more original content. The game’s beta has barely made it on the North American servers, and features like new game modes, along with bugs, exploits, and quality of life changes are surely the focus.              

There are currently 61 champions in the game, nowhere near the amount in League PC. “While we can make basically every champion from PC work, it’d be great to design some with mobile and controller first gameplay,” Feral Pony said.