Release date and content of PUBG Mobile season 14 royale pass leaked

The season will have a theme called "Spark the Flame."

Image via Tencent

Although its release is over one month away, PUBG Mobile’s season 14 royale pass was reportedly leaked by a video posted on YouTube earlier today.

The details it revealed are slim, but the video introduced the general theme of the royale pass as well as its release date, which will reportedly be July 14.

Season 14 will feature a lucky draw with items inspired by Egyptian gods, including an Anubis skin, according to the leaks.

Screengrab via Mad Tamizha

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The royale pass will reportedly include skins with various colors and follow the theme “Spark the Flame.” Reaching tier 100, the highest tier of the royale pass, will reportedly award a highly-noticeable outfit with a unique style.

Screengrab via Mad Tamizha

Players will also receive an exclusive skin if they reach the gold tier or above in competitive mode at the end of season 14.

Screengrab via Mad Tamizha

Reaching the diamond tier will also reward a weapon skin for the M24. Players who reach the ace tier will earn the traditional parachute skin, but with white and red colors.

The rest of the season 14 royale pass tier rewards have yet to be revealed. PUBG Mobile season 14 is set to kick off on July 14, two days after the end of the current season.

Meanwhile, players have over a month and a half to climb the rankings and get the best rewards of season 13, called “Toy Playground.”

New missions opened today, awarding items to trade against a desert-themed outfit, BP coins, and more. A new outfit can also be earned in the Glory Crate, which joined the game yesterday. It’ll be available for 13 days.