PUBG Mobile’s Ancient Secret event starts in early August

Get ready to play archeologist.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile introduced an upcoming themed event called Ancient Secret last night on Twitter. After an initial reveal at the beginning of July, the event will be added to the game on Aug. 4, Tencent announced.

Erangel and Miramar will get new temple locations, some moving and even rising up into the sky. There will also be an Egyptian Pharaoh theme where players will be able to solve riddles to get rewards.

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The event will be announced as soon as players join the lobby with an amazing animation of a figure made of dust in the sky before the start of the game. Then, before landing, players will be able to know where the temple locations are with new visible icons on the map.

Screengrab via Royal Kraken

In those temples, treasures will be hidden and can be unlocked by solving a puzzle or a riddle of low difficulty. Then, the player will be rewarded with decent loot, such as weapons, ammo, and equipment. It won’t be legendary loot, however.

Be careful of being in a safe zone when opening a treasure chest, though. You’ll get cursed and transformed into a mummy for a few seconds.

Screengrab via Royal Kraken

The largest temple on the map will take off after a few minutes in the game. It will rise up into the sky, where another game will take place. It’ll move to every safe zone and a boss will spawn. This is where the loot will be interesting.

A notification will announce that the Guardian door is open once the temple has risen and the boss will be in a room at the center of the temple, which will be locked until the fight starts. It shouldn’t be too risky if players are prepared with enough medicine and ammo. When beaten, the boss will reward high-tier loot.

After this phase, the temple will eventually disintegrate and players will be sent back to the map to finish the game with other competitors.

In addition to these gameplay features on Miramar and Erangel, special missions and challenges will join the game and offer rewards during the event. It should last several weeks, but the end date has yet to be revealed.