PUBG Mobile update 0.16.0 patch notes are now out

Winter is coming on PUBG Mobile.

Image via Super League Gaming

PUBG Corp. has revealed the patch notes for the 0.16.0 PUBG Mobile update coming tomorrow. Game modes found and leaked by data miners are now confirmed as new features for the upcoming update.

In the new EvoGround mode, RageGear, a team of drivers will face off against shooters. Drivers have to kill the shooters to end the game, while the other side has to destroy all vehicles to steal the win. This game mode will feature specific gear that will provide tactical effects.

Image via PUBG Corp.

In Classic mode, Snow Paradise will give players a winter-themed map where they’ll be able to do free snowboarding and take cable cars on snowy mountains. Players will enter this mode by queuing for an Erangel classic game.

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Players will also now be able to heal themselves while moving. But as a downside, doing so will reduce the movement speed of players, who can now use as many bandages as needed automatically with no downtime until they’re at full health.

Other new features, like Loadout in EvoGround, friendly fire restrictions, and a theme gallery addition, are coming in PUBG Mobile’s 0.16.0 update.

The update will also bring significant balance changes, which are all listed in the official patch notes. While the AWM and shotgun will get nerfed, the SMG, Crossbow, S12K, bolt-action sniper rifles and others will get slightly buffed. Multiple performance and gameplay improvements will also come with the update.

The 0.16.0 update will be released on Dec. 11 on all iOS and Android devices. It requires around 670 Mb of storage to download and servers will stay up for its release.