PMGC 2020 Finals delayed further as technical issues remain unsolved

The competition had to be moved online earlier this week.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2020 Finals will likely resume tomorrow with no matches taking place today as well, according to the “upcoming live streams” section on PUBG Mobile Esports’ YouTube channel.

The PMGC 2020 Finals isn’t going according to plan. Earlier this week, Tencent announced that three players had tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, all players were placed in self-quarantine and would compete from their hotel rooms instead of the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

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Several players encountered network issues on the first day. Because of this, some matches had to be delayed. To make up for these technical issues, Tencent increased the number of matches in the PMGC from 24 to 27.

The competition failed to resume yesterday, however, as the technical problems couldn’t be resolved.

The company said in a statement today that the “health and safety” of the players remains its “top priority.” As a precaution to restrain the further spread of the coronavirus, all players will continue to play in the PMGC Finals in isolation. Tencent added that this has made the network issues “challenging” and that the technical crew is working to resolve them.

“We are deeply sorry for not being able to bring you the matches today and greatly appreciate your patience and support,” Tencent said. “Stay tuned until the PMGC Finals is restored.”

According to the “upcoming live streams” section on PUBG Mobile Esports’ YouTube channel, day two of the PMGC will begin on Jan. 24 at 5am CT. Tencent hasn’t officially announced this, however.

So far, six matches have taken place in the finals. Turkish team, Klas Digital Athletics are leading the rankings table with 80 points. Not far are the league stage champions Four Angry Men with 75 points. Natus Vincere, RRQ Athena, and Team Secret are the other teams in the top five.