Overwatch fan creates Pokémon-themed Pikachu trainer D.Va skin concept

It's something for both the Overwatch and Pokémon fans.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community often produces unique skin ideas for heroes within the game and this recent Pokémon design for D.Va might be one of the most impressive yet.

Created by designer Amanda Perez, this new look for the hero provides both D.Va and her mech Tokki an outfit inspired by one of the most iconic Pokémon from the franchise, Pikachu.

D.Va is wearing more casual clothing, as opposed to the usual battle-ready attire other skins depict her in. She also boasts two Pikachu-styled ears attached to her headset and a Pikachu-themed sidearm.

Tokki gets a remodel that takes the base shape of the mech and makes additions to appear more Pikachu-esque. These include a new yellow coat of paint, some ears, and the especially important lighting bolt-shaped tail.

Also, there are some subtle additions to Toki that bring the Pokémon theme to the forefront, including Pokeball-shaped gears on the mechs limbs, and some blue and red accents scattered in the design.

Overwatch fans looking for more Pokémon-inspired designs can check out Perez’s Instagram where she has shown off another design, this time bringing Hammond and Pokémon together.

As you could imagine, a character whose design is based around living within a ball is the perfect canvas to spice up with some Pokémon ideas. Hammond is even inspired by the generation six species Dedenne, also a mouse-like Pokémon, and the pairing of these two characters works perfectly.