How to improve your Wingman aim in Apex Legends

Become a Wingman god.

Written in partnership with Aim Lab.

The Wingman is one of the highest skill ceiling weapons in Apex Legends.

The single-shot pistol has high base damage and a massive 2.15x headshot multiplier. Precise aiming with the Wingman will absolutely decimate opponents at any range. But missing with the Wingman is more punishing than with other guns since it means your DPS output drops to zero.

Aim Lab has put together a list of scenarios that can help you improve your Wingman game. You can also click here to launch the playlist directly in Aim Lab.

MultilineTrace Ultimate

This scenario features small targets with a straight line connecting them. The goal is to move from target to target while following that line as closely as possible. This will help you learn how to maintain speed and precision in your aim, building a solid baseline. MultilineTrace Ultimate will also help you to minimize wasted mouse movement and stop overflicking when switching targets.

MicroFlex Standard

MicroFlex Standard is a simple yet important scenario. Targets will appear in front of you one after another at varying heights and depths. This lets you practice smaller flicks and aim adjustments that can be difficult, especially for those with higher mouse sensitivities. Many situations in Apex will require you to switch between shooting two enemies a short distance apart from each other.

Motionshot Ultimate

Motionshot Ultimate is a flashy-looking scenario, but the skills it helps to train are essential for the basics in Apex. Targets will appear randomly in front of you, some being still and some moving in straight lines. With all of the movement present in Apex, this scenario is very applicable. Try to flick to these targets using optimized paths like you practiced in MultilineTrace Ultimate earlier.

Spidershot Ultimate

This scenario contains randomly spawning targets one after another. The gimmick is that they will spawn with extreme variations in position, forcing you to make large flicks to both sides. Players tend to have a “stronger” side that they’re better at aiming toward by default. Spidershot Ultimate is great at helping you build consistency when aiming anywhere.

BurstFlick Ultimate

BurstFlick Ultimate is a high-intensity scenario that has you flicking from target to target as they randomly appear at varying locations. You will need to find the optimal mouse path between these targets since taking too long to hit the next one will decrease your score. This scenario is difficult but will greatly help with building good habits for flick-based aiming.

VCT NA – yay

To help you gain accuracy at longer ranges, VCT NA – yay is a scenario that has you aiming at incredibly small moving targets. These targets will not be easy to hit repeatedly. Just focus on building your precision and micro-adjustments on these targets. You will have to take bullet drop into account when using the Wingman, but that comes later.


The final scenario is one befitting ScreaM indeed. Full-body targets will be strafing between cover all around you. The goal is to chain together as many headshots as possible. The Wingman’s sheer headshot damage makes it worth aiming for them almost all the time when looking for opening damage. Practice keeping your crosshair at head level as you flick back and forth.

These are seven scenarios that will help you become a Wingman pro. The Wingman can be an intimidating gun to just pick up and start using. Practicing the fundamentals and gaining muscle memory for flick-style aim is key to gaining confidence with the weapon. Soon enough, you’ll be firing off headshots like nobody’s business.

For more Apex aiming and mechanics tips, check out the Aim Lab YouTube channel.