EVGA RTX 3090 bricking issue linked to poor soldering, not New World

The manufacturer claims that the issue was limited to a small batch of early production cards from 2020.

Image via Amazon Games

During New World’s overwhelmingly successful closed beta test, an issue was apaprently discovered that seemed to be bought on by the game and would brick some EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards at random. Thanks to a report by PCWorld, we now know exactly what caused these issues, and it seems that it wasn’t linked to Amazon’s MMO at all.

According to the report, a company spokesman for EVGA revealed to PCWorld that the problem stemmed from a rare soldering issue that affected a small number of cards.

After x-ray analysis, EVGA discovered that the issue had come from poor soldering work around the MOSFET circuits on the batch of early production cards from 2020. Also in the report, EVGA confirmed that all the failures they received came from GeForce RTX 3090 cards, despite some gamers claiming that other cards had been affected, and upon receiving the failure report they immediately shipped affected players replacement cards.

EVGA claim that the affected cards only make up less than one percent of the total RTX 3090 cards in circulation, however, they didn’t reveal to PCWorld what the total number of units sold was.

Following reports from players for this issue, EVGA worked alongside Amazon Games attempting to replicate the issue in testing but failed to do so. After an update that added frame limiters to New World, reports of the problem did seem to stop, they claim.

This is good news for those planning to get in on New World’s open beta on Sept. 9 ahead of its launch, you can now do so without fear of your high-end graphics cards meeting their end at the hands of the game.