Supercell announces Clash Mini beta for select countries, gives update on Clash Heroes and Clash Quest

The three new games are set in the Clash universe.

Image via Supercell

Clash Mini, Supercell’s take on the autobattler genre set in the Clash universe, will enter closed beta next week, the company announced today.

The game will be available in Canada and the Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland). The game features miniature versions of characters from across the Clash universe. Players have to compete in the board game by efficiently using resources and planning attacks.

Supercell said it will be releasing more content throughout the beta and will be listening to players’ feedback. Just like past games by the Finnish development company, Clash Mini will likely be in a long beta period to ensure stability and quality before a wider release.

In a video today, Supercell also provided an update on its other two games in development: Clash Heroes and Clash Quest. These games, along with Clash Mini, were first revealed in April and are finally getting closer to a release.

Clash Quest is one of the most anticipated games of the three. It’s created using the Unreal Engine. Players must control a hero with an analog to the left and the attack buttons on the right. It has a top-down view and takes players to “undiscovered lands” in the Clash universe while completing different quests.

While the game is still in early development, Supercell said it recently completed a closed pre-alpha test for a few hundred players. Feedback from this is being used to create new features and build the game, according to the company. There’s no timeline on a public alpha test, but Supercell has asked players to sign-up for updates on the official website.

Clash Quest is the only game of the three to have already been released. The game’s alpha was released in April and it has been getting a regular cadence of updates. Supercell said there are a lot of other upcoming features as well, such as a Magic Bow Defense that shoots arrows through multiple troops. A global release date for the game hasn’t been announced yet, either.