Rapid Fire mode returns in Call of Duty Mobile

Unlimited ammo, faster scorestreaks, and operator skills for more action.

Image via Activision

For the second time in season three, the Rapid Fire mode has come back to Call of Duty: Mobile and will be available until Feb. 26, Activision announced today.

In the Rapid Fire mode, which is exclusive to the mobile game, the operator skill and scorestreaks activate faster and ammo capacities are limitless. The number of points to win is also higher than in the classic multiplayer mode.

The mode highly encourages action, rather than playing with snipers. Other than that, the same maps and items are used.

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Bonuses are awarded for any CP purchases, such as the rare weapon BK57 Mardi Gras and weapon experience. It doesn’t include the purchases of the bonus event, however.

Fans of the mobile game will have five days to enjoy the time-limited game mode, alongside the Zombies mode, which remains available. Then, from Feb. 23 to 29, the Sticks & Stones mode will return to CoD Mobile, Activision announced in a community update.

But the biggest update will be released after the end of season three in eight days. Outside of some leaks, not much information was disclosed by Activision, which only revealed that new weapons and new operators would be added in the game for season four. More information might be unveiled in the coming days.


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