New legendary card, Mother Witch, to join Clash Royale in season 18

It will have the ability to curse enemies and turn them into hogs.

Image via Supercell

Although the Halloween season has ended, a new witch will soon join Clash Royale, Supercell revealed earlier today in an official video update.

The Mother Witch is a four-cost legendary card that curses every enemy she touches. The curse is a unique effect that will join the game with this card only. This mechanic turns the enemies into a cursed hog that attacks for the Witch when they’re defeated.

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The witch only attacks one target and doesn’t switch until it’s dead. The developers recommend putting her against cards like Skeleton Army and Goblins, but not against heavy tanks such as the Giant.

She’ll be most useful against weak targets since that will allow her to transform more targets into loyal hogs that will annoy the enemy. “She can turn everything into hogs except buildings,” the developers said.

Although it’s a legendary card, the Mother Witch will be unlocked by completing the Season 18 challenges or can be obtained from chests by the players who don’t get her during her launch season. The card will also be boosted for the next season, getting upgraded to the player’s King level.

The Mother Witch will be available at the launch of Clash Royale‘s season 18 called Logmas, which is set to kick off on Dec. 7. The season will also bring a free Logmas emote for everyone, as well as new Christmas-themed emotes and a tower skin for Royale Pass owners.