Here are the patch notes for Clash Royale’s November update

A lot of changes to Clan Wars 2 have been made.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale’s November update was released today, bringing several changes to Clan Wars Two, bug fixes, and more.

Since Clan Wars Two was introduced over two months ago, a lot of players have been complaining about the new way of competing between clans. Supercell has addressed some of these concerns and has been introducing changes to the feature.

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Here are the patch notes for Clash Royale’s November update.

Clan Wars Two improvements


War Deck Reset Time

  • Supercell has introduced a global war deck refresh time that will happen at 10am UTC (4am CT).
  • This change has been made so that a clan in an earlier time zone doesn’t advance to the finish line first.

Matchmaking improvements

  • The matchmaking for Clan Wars Two has been improved in this update.
  • The matchmaking will make sure that clans of equal level and activity are matched together in river races.

River race lengths

  • From this update, the amount of fame required to complete the river race in lower Clan War leagues will be lowered.
  • In the higher leagues, on the other hand, the amount of fame required to complete the race will be increased.
  • Supercell said it made this change because clans in lower leagues were unable to complete the race. Thus, they weren’t getting the rewards from the Clan Wars.
  • Higher league clans, however, were able to complete the race in just a few days.

This change will go live on Dec. 7 with the start of the new Clan War.

Clan War Participation Cup

  • Supercell has capped the number of participants who can play in Clan Wars to 50 players per 24 hours.
  • If 50 players (in a clan) have already attacked, players who try to attack will get a notification saying that they can’t do so anymore. This limit will be reset every time the War Deck reset happens.
  • This change has been made because some clans were using a “loophole” to do hundreds of attacks per day and complete the river race in a record time.

Other changes

  • Clans must now have 10 members to be able to participate in Clan Wars. Clans can’t get removed mid-Clan War, even if they no longer match the criteria for participation.
  • The Clan War Colosseum is now highlighted in the final week and all Duels must be fought there. This change has been made because not enough players were battling and earning their extra gold and fame from here.
  • Improved Clan Chat: New solid color background with the player names and emotes made more legible.

New features

Fame boosts

  • In the last three days of a river race, players will get a 2x bonus to all fame earned.
  • This feature has been added to assist clans in lower leagues to complete the river race on time.

New legendary leagues

Two new legendary leagues with increased rewards have been added in the update.

  • Legendary Arena II: Unlocks at 4,000 clan trophies
  • Legendary Arena III: Unlocks at 5,000 clan trophies

New rotating modes

New game modes have been added to the river race. A new mode will now be available every week alongside duels and battles.

Supercell ID Friends

  • A new way has been added to add and play with friends through the Supercell ID.
  • The Supercell ID button has been added to the home menu.
  • Players can now quickly switch accounts through the home menu.
  • This feature will be gradually rolled out country-wise over the next few days.

Balance changes

Electro Giant (Buff)

  • The giant’s reflected damage will now scale alongside levels. This will make it more powerful against attacking units.

Hovering cards

Troops that have the hover mechanic (Battle Healer and Royal Ghost) have received some changes. They’ll now:

  • Not pass through buildings
  • Not push back air units
  • Not bounce off the river when knocked back


  • The balance change made to Graveyard earlier this month has been reverted.
  • This change made skeletons spawn closer to the edge of the summoning circle. Skeletons will now spawn like they used to before.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for players receiving the incorrect amount or no gold after boat battles.
  • Tapping a notification for the esports tab will no longer open News Royale and will redirect players correctly.
  • Fix for players receiving the incorrect amount of gold after Clan battles.
  • Fix for Pass Royale names showing the color code when spectating two-versus-two games,
  • The status of a damaged boat defense will no longer be carried over to the next week.
  • Fixed several rare crash occurrences.
  • Fix for friend icons when the friend has no profile picture.
  • Some other performance improvements have been made as well.