Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) 6 finals will give fans exclusive tournament boards

The tournament will also be streamed on new platforms for the first time.

The Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) 6 finals will take place on Oct. 30, when 12 teams will fight for the title of national champions and the biggest part of the $142,000 prize pool. For the first time, the championship will have its own themed item: a board decorated with the LBFF logo and the number 6. 

Players who watch the finals this Saturday will be able to unlock the exclusive board by getting the code that will be announced during the event. The LBFF 6 finals will be streamed live at 11am CT on Brazilian Free Fire’s new esports YouTube channel, BOOYAH!, TikTok, and the SPACE television channel. 

Image via Garena

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The 12 teams qualified for the LBFF 6 finals are B4 Esports, SS E-Sports, Corinthians FF, Fluxo, Nitroxx Top 10, LOUD, Tropa, Vivo Keyd, Netshoes Miners, Team Coda Solid, Meta Gaming, and Los Grandes. Vivo Keyd, Fluxo, SS-Esports and Corinthians FF are past champions of the tournament and some of them have already represented Brazil in international Free Fire championships. 

Unfortunately for teams, the winner of the LBFF 6 will not be attending the Free Fire World Series, which is scheduled for November. The event was canceled in August due to the rise of Delta variant COVID-19 cases.