Brawl Stars’ Championship Challenge to happen on March 20 and 21

Get 15 wins without losing three matches to complete the challenge.

Image via Supercell

The second Championship Challenge for the year will happen on March 20 and 21. In this, players have to win 15 matches without losing three games. The 15 matches will be played across five different game modes and maps.

The Brawl Stars Championship 2021 features an open-for-all format giving all players a chance to compete for glory and prize money. Each month, Supercell holds the Championship Challenges in Brawl Stars through which players can go on to compete in the later stages of the mobile esports tournament.

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Each win in the challenge also gives players star points. Players can compete in the challenge solo or as a team. The modes and maps for the March Championship Challenge are as follows:

  • Gem Grab – Minecart Madness
  • Shooting star Bounty – Shooting Star
  • Nut and bolt Siege – Nuts & Bolts
  • Fire Hot Zone – Split
  • Detective Brawl Ball – Sneaky Fields

In each mode, players have to get three wins for a total of 15 victories. The players who can complete the challenge will qualify for the monthly qualifiers on March 27 and 28.

The monthly qualifiers will be held separately for each region in the Brawl Stars Championship:

  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)
  • Mainland China
  • North America and Latin America North
  • Latin America South
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia and South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (SESA and ANZ)
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA)

The top eight teams from each region will move onto the livestreamed monthly finals, which will be played from April 3 to 11 for all seven regions.