Should you build Quixotic Windmill or Towering Tree Fort first in FFXIV Island Sanctuary?

Let players climb the Windmill, Square Enix.

Image via Square Enix

People are just starting to get to the real fun part of Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuaries, which includes building landmarks. The first two choices for the landmarks are Quixotic Windmill or Towering Tree Fort.

It doesn’t matter which of the two buildings you construct first, they both serve the same purpose. But you’ll want to map out where you want each building to go. Each has a different look, but neither does anything special.

The Quixotic Windmill, at first glance, looks like a building that you can climb. But once it’s built and you head inside, there’s no way to climb it, even though the outside of the building toward the top looks like it’s meant to be climbed. The community is already pretty upset about it, but if you want to be able to climb it, build it in a spot where you can jump to the top of it from another level.

The Towering Tree Fort is a nice relaxing building that can be climbed. A couple of Mammets hang around it and it can be a nice place to relax from the daily grind of the island. Some players enjoy building it in the plot adjacent to the waterfall so that their Warrior of Light can watch the waterfall from one of the balconies.

Players will end up building both of these structures in the long run, so it’s up to preference which one they build first. Below are the building materials needed for both, which are fairly easy to get just by collecting things around the island.

Quixotic Windmill

  • 15 Log
  • 15 Limestone
  • 10 Palm Log
  • Five Vine
  • Five Copper Ore

Towering Tree Fort

  • 15 Log
  • 15 Pine Log
  • 10 Limestone
  • Five Vine
  • Five Islewort

Once you have all of the items, head to the log board in front of the plot you’d like to build the structure on and it will start building. It will take some time to build it, so come back after a few hours. You can check how long it’s going to take by clicking on the log board again. Once it’s finished, click on the log board to complete the construction and get your island experience points.