New World servers are now live

The gates of Aeternum are now open!

Image via Amazon Game Studios

The gates of Aeternum are now open, and players can finally venture freely into New World.

Servers are live for the game’s full release, so you can get straight in on the action. Anticipation for Amazon’s entry into the MMO genre has been at an all-time high thanks to a pair of beta phases over the past two months, which garnered hundreds of thousands of concurrent players.

The release comes after multiple delays that pushed back the game’s launch for more than a year. Throughout the year, there were plenty of new additions and changes to the game that have improved the product and transformed it into a more complete experience than first revealed.

New World is an MMORPG that brings a heavy focus on PvP action, with factions able to secure territories within the map. This sets up wars for land between teams, as well as the open-world PvP that can be toggled on or off. During the endgame, players can also participate in Outpost Rush, which is another of the game’s team-based PvP modes.

PvE players don’t miss out on the fun either with PvP being on a toggle. This allows those who want to explore and take on the ancient inhabitants of Aeternum do so without fear of being taken out by other players. There is a variety of PvE content to take part in, including Expeditions and Invasions.

You may be struggling to get in on the action right now, given the rush of players attempting to get in on the action. But once you can get in, it’s time to explore everything New World has to offer.